Bay Area Republicans Win Local Races:

Allen, Velasco, Chang Kiraly, Wright, Davis and More

In the November 8th elections, local Republican candidates won over 40 races around the greater Bay Area.  Some notable new winners include Debora Allen, Roland Velasco, Virginia Chang Kiraly, Sean Wright, and Dev Davis.
Businesswoman Debora Allen won the BART Board District 1 seat in Contra Costa County with an impressive 64% of the vote, defeating a three-term incumbent who substantially outspent her.  Her financial expertise will be a big asset in dealing with the BART system’s mismanagement and overspending.  This was her third contest this year, after running in the Assembly primary, and winning the county chair of the Contra Costa Republican Party.

Gilroy’s Roland Velasco also had a big victory, winning the race for mayor with over 66% of the vote.  He had developed experience and expertise over many years, serving on various commissions and as a councilman, and working as a policy analyst for a county supervisor.  He had also established himself in the community, volunteering with community groups.

Virginia Chang Kiraly won election to the San Mateo County Harbor District Board, which operates the harbors at Pillar Point and Oyster Point.  She received over 128,000 votes, in a district that includes the whole of San Mateo County.  Kiraly also serves on the board of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, and previously was a member of the Civil Grand Jury, and the Republican Central Committee.  She was appointed to a vacancy on the Harbor Board in 2015.
In the race for mayor of Antioch, one of the closest races in the Bay Area at this writing, Dr. Sean Wright has a slim lead of about one-third of a percent – in a city with 17% Republican registration.  Dr. Wright stepped up in 2011 to rescue the insolvent Chamber of Commerce.  He is now the CEO of the Chamber, continues his successful chiropractic practice, and volunteers with numerous community organizations.

In San Jose’s Willow Glen area, Devora “Dev” Davis won the District Six seat on the San Jose City Council, a full-time job.  She is an educational research manager who had served as president of her neighborhood association.  She was a dedicated precinct walker, covering nearly all of the households in the district.
In all of the campaigns above, the candidates were endorsed by their Republican county central committees, who sent mail on their behalf and helped in other ways.  In addition, the candidates received the endorsement and financial support from the Lincoln Club of Northern California.  

You can see a more extensive list of successful endorsed Republican candidates here.

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Doris Gentry Wins for Napa City Council


After years of service to her community and her party plus lots of hard work, Doris Gentry has won a seat on the Napa City Council.  It’s quite a story.
Doris Gentry was born in Rosiclare, in Southern Illinois, to a family with four generations of leaders, going back to her great-great-grandpa, who served in the Civil War and as a judge.
Gentry owned corporations coast to coast, serving as Executive Director and CEO.  She  managed a corporation of 2,500 employees and multi-million dollar budgets.  She has also been a teacher for 35 years.
She served on a 5 County Regional Planning Commission for 5 years.  Working as the Business Development Specialist, she handled multi-million dollar loans and networked local governments with federal and state grants to help cities re-build failing infrastructure.
Doris had a rough time growing up: instability, moving, missing school, on her own at age 14.  This inspired her to create the kind of foster home that she never had, one with open communication and belief in kids.

Doris Gentry has lived in Napa for 27 years and together with husband Jim raised 4 children, 6 grandchildren and over 100 foster kids in their home.

Doris is also proud of her community organizing.  She is a formidable force in the community.  Some of her work includes:

  • Chair of the Napa 4th of July Parade since January 2009
  • Chair, annual Chocolate & Wine benefit for Napa foster kids since 2009
  • Chair of the Napa County Task Force on Sex Trafficking since 2014
  • Chair, Annual Sex Trafficking Conference for 400 guests
  • Host & Producer of “Talk so Kids Listen” live radio show on 1440 KVON Radio

In addition, Gentry has been active as a Republican.  She was the Party’s nominee for state Assembly in 2008 and 2010.  She served as a CRP delegate and member of the state Platform Committee.  In 2012 she made her first run for Napa City Council.
Her campaign this year was unconventional in several respects.  She spent no money on mail.  Instead, she assembled a team of 40 neighborhood workers to contact voters.  She led them to meet voters face to face. 
“It’s all boots on the ground,” she says.  “We knocked on every door three times.  I raised less money but worked harder than the others.”

Doris had a very specific message and stuck to it.  She says, “Whatever your sense of family is, a community will thrive when you strengthen the family.”
She used her innovative website to help convey her message.  It has sections on Encouraging, Balancing, Caring, and Supporting, topics that express her deeply compassionate approach.  You can see her website here.
Ultimately, Doris defeated an appointed incumbent by about 8% of the vote.  We expect her high level of achievement to continue as a member of the Council.

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2011 pension fixes in L.A., San Francisco not working

By Chris Reed
November 28, 2016

Earlier this decade — before Gov. Jerry Brown launched his successful 2012 push for state pension reforms in Sacramento — the leaders of Los Angeles and San Francisco executed retirement-benefit reforms that they said would keep the pension tsunami at bay.

In 2011, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (pictured) won a hard-fought deal with the Los Angeles police and firefighters unions that targeted “pension spiking” — late-career maneuvering that allowed individuals to push up their final pay and thus their annual pensions. It also reduced the minimum pension available after 20 years of service.

All employee unions also made concessions reducing retirement benefits for newly hired workers that year. And after the 2011 contracts, all new hires had to share in the costs of health care benefits. Taxpayers had previously covered the whole tab.

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Teachers’ Unions Spend Over $27 Million on State Races

By Marc Joffe
November 22, 2016

In a recent op-ed, California Federation of Teachers (CFT) President Joshua Pechthalt calls out special interests for pouring money into California elections in support of charter schools. He writes:

“The charter association spent better than $24 million in relatively few races this year. Oakland, where previously $20,000 was a lot of money for a school board race, was awash in a half-million dollars in contributions, mostly from the charter association and another billionaire-funded committee.”

Missing from Perchthalt’s piece is the fact that the CFT and other teacher’s unions are also big-spending special interests. Indeed, they spend considerably more on political donations than charter advocates.

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CalPERS staff nudges board to consider lower return rates

By Steven Greenhut
November 22, 2016

There’s bad news coming down the pike for California municipalities following several days of board meetings for the nation’s largest state-based pension fund. Although no action has been taken, it’s clear the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, or CalPERS, might again lower its expected rate of returns on investments. That means cities and other member agencies would have to pay more to make up the shortfall.

A key moment, buried amid nearly 13 hours of recorded meetings, came when CalPERS’ Chief Investment Officer Ted Eliopoulos played a short interview video with Wall Street experts, including famed investor Warren Buffett, opining on the expected investment returns in coming years. One investment guru thought a 4 percent or 5 percent rate of return would be the objective. Buffett pointed to very slow growth in the economy.

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Democratic supermajority rests on one Senate seat

By Matt Fleming
November 17, 2016

The only thing standing in the way of a Democratic supermajority in the Legislature is one Southern California Senate seat. 

Democrats are halfway there as the last barrier between them and a two-thirds majority in the Assembly officially crumbled on Tuesday, after the Associated Press determined Democrat Sabrina Cervantes had knocked off Republican incumbent Eric Linder in the Inland Empire.

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How the new Republican majority can succeed

By Charles Krauthammer
Orange County Register
November 11, 2016

Donald Trump won fair and square and, as Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, is owed an open mind and a chance to lead. It is therefore incumbent upon conservatives (like me) who have been highly critical of Trump to think through how to make a success of the coming years of Republican rule.

It begins by recognizing Trump’s remarkable political instincts. As Paul Ryan noted in his morning-after olive-branch news conference, Trump heard “a voice out in this country that no one else heard.” Trump spoke to and for a working class squeezed and ruined by rapid technological and economic transformation.

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    nobhill-christmas-galaThe Nob Hill Republican Women’s Club, Federated hosts its 21st Annual Christmas Dinner Gala in support of the Marines’ Memorial Association “Gold Star Parents” and The Pathway Home, Inc. in Yountville. The Pathway Home assists returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan with brain trauma. There will be music by the Vince Aguiar Trio and a raffle conducted by Tony Hall. 

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